Here are a few of the keynote and seminar topics that Twyla can share with your group. Remember, Twyla will customize a keynote presentation specifically for your meeting or event if she knows the Purpose/Objective, Format, and Target Audience.

Topic: Better Than Good Enough

There is a level better than good enough, a level of Excellence, that you can achieve.

Topic: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Team Building Strategies What makes an effective team? What makes an effective Team Leader or Project Manager? How do you deal with those hard to deal with team members?

Topic: Maximizing Your Potential

Many people will die without ever having tapped or unleashed their true potential. You will Not be one of those people. Learn secrets to identify and tap into your latent potential, buried dreams, and unrealized goals.

Topic: Building Blocks or Stumbling Stones

Diversity - An eye-opening look at the benefits of diversity. How to use diversity as building blocks and avoid the stumbling stones.

Topic: Slaying Your Goliath

There is no obstacle in your life, no matter how big, that you cannot overcome. This is encouragement and motivation to know that you CAN make it!

Topic: Why Can't You Hear What I Mean?

Effective Communication - We spend a generous portion of our day engaged in some form of communication. Yet much of what we say is seldom received as intended. That, along with the fact that 90% of business success is linked to successful communication, makes it imperative that we become effective communicators.

Topic: Thorns Have Roses

A Different Perspective - Some people complain because roses have thorns, others are grateful that thorns have roses. Which are you?

Topic: Making A Mountain Out of A Molehill

Some things are big deals. How do you differentiate between the molehills and the mountains, and how should you respond to each?

Topic: Effective Leadership Skills

This presentation provides very thought provoking and useful information for Leaders desiring to increase their efficaciousness. Learn how to recognize the skills and talent that you already have as you identify key tools for developing the Leader within.

Topic: Scope: Are You Managing It or Is It Managing You?

A 'How To' presentation on the importance of effective Scope Management and Control. Poor Scope Management is repeatedly identified as 1 of the top 3 reasons why projects fail. It is imperative that successful Project Managers develop and use proven tools to effectively manage Scope. This is a highly interactive and informative presentation sure to provide attendees with useful information that can be utilized immediately.

Topic: The Best Is Yet To Come!

Motivational presentation for those who may have experienced a failure or set-back in life. You do NOT have to be defined by your failure. What is behind you is over, and the Best Is Yet To Come!

Topic: You Bring Out the Best In Me

An inspiring and humorous approach to encourage, motivate, and Bring Out the Best in your team or those around you.

Topic: Eagle's View

The Eagle is a fascinating animal with an amazing ability to see its prey miles off. How clear is your vision for your future and for what lies ahead? Do you allow minor obstacles to obstruct your dreams and goals or have you learned to remain focused on what is important and to Soar Like An Eagle?

Topic: Ready, Fire, Aim! First Things First

This presentation focuses on setting priorities, effective time management, and actually achieving goals. If you need to be motivated, inspired, and PUSHED to more effectively manage life, you'll enjoy this presentation!

Topic: Keep Swinging: Making the Most of Your At Bat

This presentation is all about realizing and maximizing your potential! We all get a turn 'at bat', the question is what are you doing with it?

Topic: 5 Keys to Successful Living

There are, of course, more than 5 keys, but these five are sure to get you on the right track to living a more fulfilling, successful, and meaningful life. It's never too late to get started.

Topic: Leadership Begins With Example.... Yours!

Most of us are leaders in some capacity, but are we effective leaders? Have you ever thought about the cost and impact of your leadership? Leadership begins with Example.... yours!

Topic: A Winner's Mentality

A Winner's mentality: adjust your attitude, impact your altitude is a power pact keynote sure to motivate, encourage, and inspire you to adopt a Winner's Mentality. You will be challenged to adjust your attitude for success!

Topic: Dealing With Difficult People

Your Life Is A Project: Success is Critical. How well are you managing your biggest and most important project, your life?

Topic: Risk Management: The Unknown Unknowns

The risks that we are aware of and plan contingencies around are seldom the risks that cause us problems. But how do you manage the unknown unknowns?

Topic: If You're Talking, You're on Mute: Virtual Teams

How does managing a virtual team differ from managing a regular team? What are some effective ways to manage virtual teams? How do you deal with the communication, cultural, and location challenges? This presentation deals with tips, tools, and strategies for effectively managing virutal teams in a global economy.

Topic: Personal Branding: It's All About You

Your most important asset is You! It's not what you think of you, it's what others think of you. Everyone has a Personal Brand, like it or not. Are you influencing and defining your brand? This Branding session will help you define your brand and influence what others think of you.